What's correct call back URL when using Google OAuth2

Hi everyone,
I’m new to gitea and managed to install Gitea 1.5.
I want to let my friend log in to Gitea using their Google account so I created an application on Google console and already have the Client Id and Client secret.
However, I cannot find the correct call back URL for my Gitea.
After enabled Google authentication for my install, the login button redirect to /user/oauth2/google auth/callback
Then Google show this error

Invalid parameter value for redirect_uri: Uri must consist of printable ASCII characters: <ROOT URL>/user/oauth2/google auth/callback

Could anyone successfully set up OAuth2 with Google? What’s the correct callback URL of Gitea?

I think google doesn’t like the space. Could you try changing google auth to just google?

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Oh, it works, thank you very much.
Look how stupid I am. I didn’t know that gitea create callback url by using authentication source name.