Webhook Problem

I have a little problem with Gitea and a webhook in connection with Plesk. Since Plesk uses a self-signed certificate, you have to confirm in your browser that you want to load the page and Gitea seems to have a problem with that. If I set a webhook in Gitea to the given webhook URL of the Plesk Git plugin, I get the following error: “Delivery: Post http:/xxxx.xx//modules/git/public/web-hook.php?uuid=XXXXX: x509: certificate is valid for Plesk, not XXX”. With Gitlab, for example, you can specify that it does not check the SSL certificates. Is that possible with Gitea too?


It is not currently possible to ignore the validity of SSL certs, however you can add the plesk cert to your local cert storage so Gitea sees it as valid.

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Thanks for your answer!

“Copy your certificate in PEM format (the format that has ----BEGIN CERTIFICATE---- in it) into /usr/local/share/ca-certificates and name it with a .crt file extension.
Then run sudo update-ca-certificates .”(https://superuser.com/questions/437330/how-do-you-add-a-certificate-authority-ca-to-ubuntu) Can i use this method? I don´t have much experience with SSL certificates.