Using user secrets - tokens

I’m trying to use user secrets in action workflows and I have a couple of questions. Imagine a user with USERNAME and PASSWORD as secrets and 2 distinct repositories with the same workflow in them that accesses the docker registry within Gitea

      - name: Login to DockerHub
        uses: docker/login-action@v2
          registry: http://GITEA_URL:3000/
          username: ${{ secrets.USERNAME }}
          password: ${{ secrets.PASSWORD }}
  • 1st repository is owned by the user. The login step succeedes.
  • 2nd repository is owned by an organization. The login step failes until I add the same secrets to the organization or the repository.

Is there a way to access the actor’s secrets in workflow? Is there a token that is generated that can be used? Regarding the latter I noticed a lot of open issues on GitHub and I’m not entirely sure of the state of that.