URL to function name, not line number

Hi, is it possible to do so? I didn’t manage so far and sticking to e.g #L1789 on text-code-xr-engine/index.html at federation - text-code-xr-engine - Gitea: Git with a cup of tea

When I look at the HTML code I see id on line numbers in the gutter, I see classes (e.g kd) on functions zand others highlighted parts but I don’t see ID on function names (despite, as it has its own class I believe, being identified as such).

Anyway, is it feasible and if so how? If not, is there work in progress on the topic?

I don’t think this functionality is implemented, unfortunately. I would recommend filing an enhancement issue on GitHub Issues · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub to get it on the contributors’ radar.

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Thanks, added as HTML anchor on function name · Issue #22626 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub