Upgrade from 1.8.3 to 1.9.0 problems

Until now it was always enough to exchange the binary and stop and start the gitea process. But with the current 1.9.0 I get a problem which seems to be in the sqlite update scripts internally run.

2019/08/12 19:26:49 .../xorm/session_raw.go:226:Exec() [I] [SQL] CREATE TABLE `new_access_token_new` (`id` INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT NOT NULL, `uid` INTEGER NULL, `name` TEXT NULL,  `created_unix` INTEGER NULL, `updated_unix` INTEGER NULL, `token_hash` TEXT NULL, `token_salt` TEXT NULL, `token_last_eight` TEXT NULL,
2019/08/12 19:26:49 ...xorm/xorm/session.go:845:saveLastSQL() [I] [SQL] ROLL BACK
2019/08/12 19:26:49 routers/init.go:58:initDBEngine() [I] Backing off for 3 seconds
2019/08/12 19:26:52 routers/init.go:51:initDBEngine() [I] ORM engine initialization attempt #2/10...
2019/08/12 19:26:52 ...-xorm/xorm/engine.go:329:Ping() [I] PING DATABASE sqlite3

Any hints how to check what is wrong there?