Unknown git command git-lfs-authenticate

I am trying to use Git LFS on Gitea 1.16.9 and I am getting an Unknow git command error when pushing :

16:47:45.426022 trace git-lfs: run_command: ssh -p 2222 git@mygitea.local git-lfs-authenticate /dev/gitea-lfs-example.git upload
16:47:45.426150 trace git-lfs: exec: ssh '-p' '2222' 'git@mygitea.local' 'git-lfs-authenticate /dev/gitea-lfs-example.git upload'
16:47:45.782714 trace git-lfs: ssh: git@mygitea.local failed, error: exit status 1, message: Gitea: Unknown git command (try: 0/6)

What does this mean exactly ?
The git-lfs-authenticate would be missing from Gitea ?
Any idea on how to solve this ?


Have you followed Usage: Git LFS setup - Docs?

This log message seems to be printed if you did not set LFS_START_SERVER in config:

if verb == "git-lfs-authenticate" {
	if !setting.LFS.StartServer {
		return fail("Unknown git command", "LFS authentication request over SSH denied, LFS support is disabled")

That’s it.

I had written the config :

LFS_CONTENT_PATH = /data/git/lfs

But my container wasn’t taking it into account yet.
Restarted the container and now it 's enabled.

And it’s working great !
Thank you @jake