Trying to make a Repository with the Windows Command Line

I am trying to make a repository on gitea
for now I am using the test Instance and made an account there.
on my account I am trying to make a repository with the Windows Command Line (cmd) and am trying to use the gitea API.

Here I am trying out the “Create a Repository” command right at the end. When I click on “Execute” I get the Below Error as a response. Its a bit weird that it does not ask me the username, or for my Authentication token, I don’t really know how I can put that in my Post request.

you need to add the token to the swagger page. scroll to the top and there should be an authenticate button.

Also, there appears to be a bug with this API, you need to provide a lot of information, information you do not need when creating a repo via the webUI (ie license, ignore, label etc…)

thank you for your reply. I have now solved this problem.