Trigger build when creating a tag with Jenkins integration

Hello all,

Currently I have set up a CI integration with Jenkins with the Jenkins Gitea plugin. I created a Gitea Organization project in Jenkins to auto build every master check in within the organization. So far everything works. However I also want to run extra deployment steps when the check-in is tagged/under release. However I cannot retrieve any tag information from Jenkins (with when { tag "release-*" } in Jenkinsfile). How do I do it correctly?


Could you check your webhooks history if the tag information in the payload?

Thanks for your reply.
The webhook trigger does have payload, but seems Jenkins ignored the request (by replying ignored)

  "secret": "",
  "action": "published",
  "release": {
    "id": 9,
    "tag_name": "release-",



So that, it depends on your Jenkins setting.