Trigger a website build after the website editor or author saves or updates data via a CMS

Hi :wave:

I am needing to trigger build and am wondering how I would go about triggering the build through another application?

At the moment the website builds automatically after I push to the repo through the git command line, but I need too trigger a build on Gitea after the website is updated from a content management system (CMS) front-end.

On the CMS side of things, I have a plugin the allows for manual or periodic configurations.

As an example, after I save data on the CMS, it sends a url to The configuration also allows for sending headers and data to send along with the body.

technically, I don’t need to push to gitea repository, although I would like to. I could however, trigger drone CI to create a new build request for specified repository. This would pull data from the authorized API, then build a new website and rsync it to another public www server.