Technical Issues with Web Page Display on Windows XP

Hello. I am contacting you to resolve a problem with the display of our web pages on Windows XP. I am currently experiencing significant page display problems in IE and Opera, where pages look almost unreadable. In addition, the drop-down menus in Accounts, Repositories, and other sections do not work in Chrome.

When using Mozilla, I encountered a separate problem. Although the drop-down menus work and access to settings is possible and even the page looks normal, trying to download a repository as an archive proves difficult. The required button is unresponsive and does not result in any action. Furthermore, a banner displaying an error halfway down the screen says that there are no Java components in the browser, despite unsuccessful attempts to install Java 7 and 8.

I realize that Windows XP is considered obsolete, but my goal is to deploy a local server using that operating system. It is worth noting that a similar Java error was resolved on Windows 10 by updating Chrome to the latest version.

I appreciate your attention to this issue and would appreciate any guidance or insight you can provide to help identify and resolve these issues.

Thank you for your time and assistance.