Sync with AD users

I install Gitea in my sever. It installed properly and I can manage repository in it.

But I need to use Active Directory user to login and use repository.
I use this configuration

On run Synchronize external user data at dashboard. It log error “2018/09/05 02:36:32 […gitea/models/user.go:1536 SyncExternalUsers()] [E] LDAP Search failed unexpectedly! (LDAP Result Code 201 “”: ldap: finished compiling filter with extra at end: %!(EXTRA string=*))”

Please assist me to Sync Active Directory with gitea

After some change it does not throw any error. But it not fetching any user from Active Directory.
What is the cause not understand. Anyone have any idea or solution share with me. I need user from Active Directory to Gitea.

I don’t know about your AD setup but most AD setups require STARTTLS/TLS nowadays so a ‘Security Protocol’ of unencrypted might be one of your problems.
The other might be something that isn’t shown is the supplied screenshot so I’m going to take a guess.
This is what I have in my User Filter:
Username Attribute:

Further I have ‘Skip TLS verify’ because the host field I used isn’t the hostname of the cert, probably but its in my own LAN so I think I can trust it.

Hopes this help you getting it to work.

Now I getting this error after few changes

2018/09/09 23:39:10 [T] Doing: SyncExternalUsers

2018/09/09 23:39:10 [T] Doing: SyncExternalUsers[New AD]

2018/09/09 23:39:10 [T] Dialing LDAP with security protocol (0) without verifying: false

2018/09/09 23:39:10 [T] Bound as BindDN CN=Vishwajeet Bose,OU=xxx,DC=CCSI,DC=local

2018/09/09 23:39:10 [T] Fetching attributes ‘sAMAccountName’, ‘name’, ‘name’, ‘proxyAddresses’, ‘’ with filter (&(objectCategory=Person)(sAMAccountName=)) and base CN=,OU=xxx,DC=CCSI,DC=local

2018/09/09 23:39:10 […gitea/models/user.go:1536 SyncExternalUsers()] [E] LDAP Search failed unexpectedly! (LDAP Result Code 32 “No Such Object”: 0000208D: NameErr: DSID-03100238, problem 2001 (NO_OBJECT), data 0, best match of: