Strike while the iron is hot “We’re failing over a data storage system” -

GitHub: October 21 Incident Report -

Experienced zero downtime today…

I can’t add comments to pull requests(“you can’t do that right now”) and any commits pushed to branches are not updating updating the visible status in the web interface, no are newly created branches showing up. However, if you navigate to a new commit directly with its SHA (so you can share it with someone if you really want), it’ll show up (so they’re just not being indexed).


Obligatory “that’s what happens when the whole world relies on a centralized git repo” and a reference to gitea, which has a very slick github-esque UI and is incredibly easy and light to deploy/run (on an existing server, your own PC, a raspberry pi, a docker vm, or whatever):

With this incident, we failed you, and we are deeply sorry