[solved] Re-run Gitea first time installation?


Is it possible to re-run the Gitea first time installation wizard?

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What happens when you backup then navigate to /install?

Not sure what you mean by “backup”. But if i navigate to /install I just get a 404 error message.

I haven’t tried the install route a second time but if it 404s I’m guessing it’s a one time deal. But that’s just an assumption. As for backups you run the gitea dump command and specify your config file as mentioned in the Backup & Restore docs. If your site has stuff you don’t want to lose it’s probably a good idea to put on a scheduler and send to an encrypted cloud storage like mega.nz for safekeeping.

Once you configure Gitea with that route, there is an option that is set to lock (prevent access to) that page. If you’d like to see that page again, you’ll need to change the INSTALL_LOCK setting (see https://docs.gitea.io/en-us/config-cheat-sheet/ for information) in your app.ini. However instead of going to the /install URL again, as you are already modifying your app.ini you can just change the relevant settings there.

Don’t forget to restart Gitea after you make changes to the settings.