(solved) Files in repo disappeared

WIndows Server 2012 R2
SQL Server 2012
Gitea 1.8.0

When cloning frorm origin, all previously commited and pushed files are missing, even .gitattributes.

Project dashboard shows 201 commits and 1 branch, master. Clicking commits target does nothing.

Have spent several months, since 1.8.0 released, testing and getting the project team moved over. Finally convinced everyone that Gitea would serve our purpose. At least one user had done a pull yesterday, so can probably recover. However, this episode puts use of Gitea in question.

After piecing this together: A user had followed company policy and changed his password. He then cloned the origin remote repository and received an error message buried in the text output that stated files were not loaded into the local repository. He did note that the failure resulted from a credentials failure. He was not prompted for new credentials. He removed his Git credentials in the Wiindows Credential manager. He then attempted to add/commit/push a new file which prompted him for credentials. This succeeded, but the result was that the master now had only his new file and nothing else. The fix was to run β€˜git reset --hard HEAD^’ which restored the master to the previous state. Sorry for the panic.

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