[SOLVED] Disallow to create organizations by default


is it possible to set as default that users are not allowed to create new organizations?


Not sure the team has bandwidth to respond to this and since the community hasn’t yet let me just jump in and suggest creating users manually or using a webhook to trigger a job if this is an issue and it’s not covered in config. You may want to dig into the code here a little and make a proposal on gitea’s git repo.

Config can disallow organization creation for users other than admins, but if that is done, it is not possible to re-activate the creation on a per-user basis.

Ah, I was wrong, from the source code I found that besides DISABLE_REGULAR_ORG_CREATION there is another variable DEFAULT_ALLOW_CREATE_ORGANIZATION for that. Did not read that in the app.ini.sample before, because I did not know what to look for exactly.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing. :hugs: