[solved] Dark theme gitea 1.5.2


Is the dark theme not in the 1.5.2 version? I am just asking because I saw the the dark theme in the customization wiki and tried on my gitea, but it didn’t work.

Pull the latest tag if you’re using Docker and you’ll get Arc Green back. Looks like there was a mistag or a minor regression which was fixed a day after the release.

Thank you for the quick response, but I installed it baremetal.
And damn that theme looks nice.

It’s awesome. My dockerized instance is running c0b2c8a and it’s post 1.5.2 and I haven’t had any problems. YMMV.

If you decide to containerize I’ve made a starter kit here (with screenshots to drool over).

great, now I have to get a new keyboard because I drooled on mine.

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As mentioned above the dark theme is getting released in 1.6.0, however if you want to use the dark theme now you can refer to this repository: https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea-darkmode