[solved] 500 page when selecting initialize repository

Hello all.
I just installed gitea and the gui seems to work ok. This install is on a FreeBSD 12.1 Machine.
I can create a new repository through the web UI but when i select initialize Repository i get an 500 page.
The error i see is:

2020/08/06 13:54:01 ...s/repository/init.go:157:initRepoCommit() [E] Failed to push back to master: Stdout:
        Error: exit status 1 - fatal: cannot exec 'hooks/pre-receive': Permission denied
        To /var/db/gitea/gitea-repositories/odmin/hello_world.git
         ! [remote rejected] master -> master (pre-receive hook declined)
        error: failed to push some refs to '/var/db/gitea/gitea-repositories/odmin/hello_world.git'

I can mirror other repository’s fine but creating a new with the Initialize Repository option fails.
Did i miss something on the installation part?

I reply to myself.

I have found the issue, as i am on a ZFS based system and we use a large set of zfs datasets, it turns out that the dataset /var/db/ had the flag exec set to no. So that was the reason that it could not execute the pre-recieve file.