Seg fault on Dietpi/buster

I’ve been running gitea for several months (1.9.1 I believe) on a Raspberry Pi 3b running the dietpi flavor of debian stretch and all’s been groovy. I updated my system to buster at the end of last week and now gitea fails to start with the error “Segmentation fault.” Before I go down the road of installing gdb/ulimit/strace etc and trying to gather more info, has anyone else had this experience? I’ve tried the 1.9.4 and 1.9.1 ARM6 builds with no luck.

Thanks for any hints/pointers.

I seem to have a similar problem, though I’m afraid I can’t give you any hints, as I did not yet resolve my issue either.

Interesting. And frustrating. Worth noting that I’ve also tried to run the app manually w/o pointing to working directory or app.ini and have also tried rebooting - seg fault in every instance.