RPC Failed; curl 18 transfer closed


I’m currently trying to send a programmer my project via my server with gitea set up on it and she keeps getting an

“error: RPC failed; curl 18 transfer closed with read data remaining.
error: 3180 bytes of body are still expected
fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly
fatal: early EOF
fatal: index- pack failed”

The download gets to 1 gb and then gets this message. I’m able to download the project and she is not via https.

I have 2factor setup for everyone on the team with a token cloning via url to her local hd via github desktop.

Could anybody please help as I have already reset up the server with the project and started a fresh and not sure what else to do now.

If anybody could help it would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’ve been checking file size in the project files and the project has a pack file which is 1.73gb in size in .git>objects>pack this is the largest file in the folder structure and the rest of the project files are below 1-4gb

Could this cause the above error?

Could it be a timeout issue? How long does it take for this other user’s clone to fail, compared with how long does it take for yours to succeed?