Restore not working on 14.1 docker

Hi, I’m trialling 14.1 using docker-compose, I’m using the mysql docker-compose file found on the install-with-docker page.

I tried creating a 14.1 instance, adding an organisation and repository then backing it up using the instructions on the backup-and-restore page. Then wiping the local data and running docker-compose down and then docker-compose up.

I then tried restoring the backup (copying the data and repositories into the correct location, and restoring the mysql database) and running docker-compose up -d --force-recreate.

After doing this the server container continuously tries to restart, always ending with the message. “2021/04/26 15:53:55 …ations/migrations.go:378:Migrate() [F] Gitea no longer supports auto-migration from your previously installed version.
Please try upgrading to a lower version first (suggested v1.6.4), then upgrade to this version.”

I’ve tried these same steps on 13.1 and it works perfectly. Is this the correct procedure for restoring in docker and should this be working on 14.1?