Repo Wiki disappeared problem after upgrading to V1.11.2


I upgraded to the latest version V1.11.2. However, the repo’s wiki disappeared. I clicked the wiki button, and it shows this on the page:

template: repo/wiki/view:48:14: executing “repo/wiki/view” at <(not .DisableHTTP) (and (not .DisableSSH) (or .IsSigned .ExposeAnonSSH))>: can’t give argument to non-function not $.DisableHTTP

My environment is Windows Server 2008 R2, MySQL.

Could someone help me with this problem please?

Many Thanks!!!

Hello! Unfortunately when we built the 1.11.2 release, it was built with a newer version of Go that isn’t compatible with the template. Building yourself with Go 1.13.x should fix the issue, or you can wait for 1.11.3 which we will hopefully be releasing soon to fix the problem.

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OK, Thank you~ :+1: :smile: