Repo Space Usage

Hey, so I’m trying to get an understanding of how repo disk space usage is calculated.

I currently have a repo that is approximately 137 MB. However, at the top right of the repo, it states that it’s over 300MB.


I’ve gone into the site admin settings and executed a few of the crons to clean up thinking maybe it was a caching issue. However, it never goes down.

Anyone have an idea of why usage is reporting almost 100% more than what it really is?

Edit: Side note, I don’t have indexing turned on. As I read that indexing can jack the repo size up by as much as x6. So I wanted to test first without indexing before I enable.

When you say repo is 137MB, is that the working tree? It may be that the total history of your project is 300MB (including .git folder) even though current working tree is only 137MB.