Proxy_url maybe is not working

I’m using gitea on docker container in a place where the internet is not working on the system environment.

I created a VM for the internet gateway for a Slack notification and installed squid proxy on the server VM

The slack notification was successful with curl as shown in the https_proxy environment variable inside the gitea installed OS or container


But i set proxy_url and proxy_hosts in app.ini of gitea as follows, it seems that i can’t send it while searching for dns like log.

proxy_url = http://[USER]:[PASSWORD]@[IP]:[PORT]
proxy_hosts = **

Delevery: Post “https://hooks.[slack url]/~~~”: dial tcp: lookup on server misbehaving

Additionally, even if i erase the proxy_url and proxy_hosts in app.ini of gitea and create https_proxy or http_proxy inside the container as above, i was not able to send the same.

How do I know that the proxy setting is applied in gitea as I see that it is sent directly to the proxy server without dns search on curl?

I checked that it is not being transmitted even in the squid log.

version : 1.21.4

just mistake…

i founded worng text

Similar network environment. Just curious: how do you set up the proxy in your setting files? I cannot find anywhere in Gitea’s document talking about this situation.

in app.ini


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