Permission denied error when runnnin gitea web on RAID5 array

We are trying to restart an existing gitea configuration on the RAID5 array. After executing
<raid_array_directory_to_gitea_executable>/gitea web
--work-path <raid_array_directory_to_gitea_executable>
--config <raid_array_directory_to_gitea_executable>/custom/conf/app.ini
--custom-path <raid_array_directory_to_gitea_executable>/custom
there is an error:
panic: error getting work directory: stat .: permission denied
We tried to change the owner (chown) to the current user specified in app.ini file and to change user permission mode to 777 using chmod but that didn’t help.

What could be causing the above mentioned error and how can that be fixed? Thanks!

Your filesystem being on a RAID array is unlikely to have any relevance to your question. I don’t expect the answer to your question will have anything to do with gitea.

The first thing I would check is whether you have mounted that filesystem as noexec. If it is mounted noexec, that is not a good place to store your gitea binary.

Please make sure to revert any permissions that you set to 777 as nothing good ever results from that mode.

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