Parallel action runners?

I want to run multiple actions rather than waiting one by one. The workaround would be to multiple deployments with Docker in Docker in Kubernetes, but I’m not sure how to assign automatic tokens. You know, so it can scale.

Please wait for Gitea 1.20.
We have merged a PR to retrieve tokens from the command line.
As it is new functionality, we didn’t backport it to 1.19.
With that, you can (at least with some work) register runners automatically.

is that Add API endpoint to get token for registering runners for repos by techknowlogick · Pull Request #23761 · go-gitea/gitea (

No, I meant add CLI command to register runner tokens by techknowlogick · Pull Request #23762 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub

Is there an actions runner that would execute containers directly as Kubernetes pods instead of using DIND? I know that the Gitlab runner can do this. This has the added benefit of allowing the runner itself to stay fairly small, but be able to scale up to the capacity of your Kubernetes cluster and easily parallelize tasks.

You can change the configuration file of runner to change the parallel tasks number. see Act Runner | Gitea Documentation

Unfortunately, that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m running Gitea in a Kuberentes cluster, and I’ll be running any runners in a cluster as well. Instead of the additional overhead of running DinD and limiting myself to tasks running on a single server/instance, I’d like the controller to be able to spin up tasks in pods directly on the cluster, bypassing the additional overhead of running DinD or some other solution. This would allow it to scale alongside my Kubernetes cluster instead of having to spin up multiple runners.