Option to skip SSH key verification

I have Gitea running in an LXC container, so the HTTP username/password authentication does not work. We are doing all authentication with SSH keys.

One of the servers I want to connect to Gitea from is on Ubuntu 18. On that OS, the -Y option for ssh-keygen does not exist.

Can I configure Gitea to use SSH keys without the verification step? Github doesn’t require verification / key signing.

You don’t need to generate the keys on the Ubuntu 18 host (which really needs to be replaced anyway, unless you are paying for extended support). You can copy keys to it that were generated elsewhere.

Can you share the output of the message that you are encountering so that we can have a better context of your issue?

You don’t need to verify your SSH keys unless you are using them to sign commits (git commit -S -m "blah") like you would with a GPG key. Yes, you can configure Gitea to use SSH keys without verifying them.

Thank you, Link! I did end up doing that. Jake, I don’t believe that is true. Gitea SSH doesn’t work until you verify the key.

I use ssh with my Gitea and have no verification.

Can you share the relevant console output?