Opening empty repository -> error 500

I am getting the same issue as #6576 , I restored from linux-service v1.1.0 to docker v1.10.3.

When looking through the logs, this is what if found.

...ules/context/repo.go:627:func1() [E] GetBranches: No branches in non-empty repository /data/git/repositories/evo/digital_marketing.git

Same issue, I have a mirro github repo, and don’t know why it return this error, becasue it is a mirro repo, so I can’t push a branch to it :rofl:.
If you just want to delete this repo, I found a solution:

  1. First, remove the folder of your repo:
rm -rf /path/to/your/gitea/git/repositories/your_name/your_repo.git/
  1. Then, run the task: