OpenID authentication with prefilled username for new accounts?

Hey folks,
just set up another gitea instance with authelia as OpenID provided.

Is there any way to use and force the OpenID provided username (preferred_username openid field from claim) for new accounts?

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See this comment on GitHub:

I realize this is pretty old, but have you tried the ENABLE_AUTO_REGISTRATION = true flag combined with the ACCOUNT_LINKING = auto flag? I think that might give you your desired behavior. It will skip the screen that allows users to set their username/email when logging in for the first time via OIDC. If no user with the IdP-provided email exists, it will create a new user, whereas if a user with the IdP-provided email already exists, it will link that login to the existing user. Users won’t have a chance to set those parameters.


Thanks for the advice. It helped somehow but ended in a internal server error 500 in gitea.

It seems like Gitea can’t resolve the openid/ oauth2 attributes from authelia.
So I tried to set the config keys OPENID_CONNECT_SCOPES, and USERNAME but can’t find the correct values therefore.

:white_check_mark: Solved it with these settings:

- GITEA__oauth2_client__ACCOUNT_LINKING=auto
- GITEA__oauth2_client__USERNAME=nickname
- GITEA__oauth2_client__OPENID_CONNECT_SCOPES=openid profile email

Doesn’t this refer to OpenID rather than OpenID Connect? I’ve set both to false but I’m still able to login via OpenID Connect.