OCI runtime exec failed - Unable to start container process

I’m having some issues with gitea act runners and I was wondering if anyone might be familiar with this error message/translate what it means:

OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: unable to start container process: chdir to cwd ("/workspace/SeatStock/seatstock-api/./backend/django") set in config.json failed: no such file or directory: unknown

I’m running Gitea via the snap package on an ubuntu 23.10 server. I had followed the guide for installing and setting up an actor and had succeeding getting it to register and connect. The docker engine is running in default root mode.

Here’s a link to the action yml file: name: "backend"on: pull_request: push: branches: - dev - Pastebin.com

It appears the action sets up properly and installs the node-alpine image but when it begins to perform the first step that takes place inside the docker container it fails immediately with that error. I’m under the impression that the setup-python step in the repository won’t work with node-alpine so I’ll probably have to make a custom image for this action, however I don’t think the error I’m experiencing is related to this (maybe I’m wrong)? Was hoping someone smarter than me might have an idea what’s going on here, is this a weird privileges issue with the act_runner & docker? I’ll also note that trying to spin up a docker container with node-alpine works fine when I try to run it directly, and the I did a sanity check with the docker hello-world image & it worked as expected.

The directory ./backend/django cannot be accessed?