Mirroring to GitHub has the incorrect author on commits

I hope this is a simple question, I switched domains for Gitea & renamed my GitHub account and somehow along the way I broke the --mirror flag, it uses my Gitea info rather then my GitHub info.

Any ideas?

GitHub associates commits with GitHub user accounts by matching up email addresses. Any commits with email address “user@domain” will show up attached to the user account with that email address in its profile.

This has nothing to do with Gitea, or even with Git. If you’ve changed the GitHub username of the account which has the email address on those commits, GitHub is going to show them associated with the new username.

Strange, I haven’t changed emails around.

Derp. I turned on hide email address in my Gitea profile, which intern set the email to chase@noreply.localhost. Turning this back off works as intended.