Migrating from Gitlab does not include files in Issues

The gitlab migration does not include the files that are uploaded in gitlab-issues. The links are converted, but the files itselfes are not transfered.

I checked some of the scripts done by other people but found none that will do that.

Because both, gitlab and gitea hide the files behind some cryptic foldernames a manual copy is not feasible.
I think technically this should be absolutely possible, because the files are accessible.

How can this be solved? Would this be an opportunity for paid support ?


It should be possible to do via the API with an admin account using the sudo feature alongside the create issue attachment endpoint if you want to do it in-house.

I know Gitea Ltd. has supported Blender’s transition from Phabricator to Gitea, so I think they would be willing to assist you. You can contact @techknowlogick via email techknowlogick@gitea.io for more information about paid support.

unfortunately I didn’t get any response by mail - is there some other way to contact Gitea Ltd ??

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been off the grid for a little. It looks like Gitea has setup a contact page Contact Us - Gitea for commercial support. The email it lists is now info@gitea.com.

Thanks for reaching out. We have replied your email.