Mattermost chat integration?

There is currently being work done on two really cool integrations for Github and Gitlab:

If someone could have a look and make a version for Gitea, that would be so awesome!

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There is MM support with Slack webhooks (just point to a MM URL instead), when I used MM previously this is what I did (I switched away from MM for unrelated reasons)


@poVoq Agree. This would be really awesome. Is there no one interested? I definitely am!

Is there anything new about that ?

Would be really nice to have this, should not be a lot of work to implement.

I believe this is already implemented under the Slack webhook. As @techknowlogick previously metnioned, Mattermost’s API is Slack-compatible (if you send a Slack payload to it, it will accept it; see: Integrations FAQ — Mattermost documentation).

Steps to use:

  1. Create an incoming webhook in Mattermost (Incoming webhooks)
  2. Use generated webhook URL and configure similar to:

Thanks, using the Slack option for Mattermost works.

I defined the channel in the webhook but not in Gitea previously. I guess that was the issue.
I thought that channel makes no sense as there can be duplicates, but then I just realized that webhooks are per “mattermost team” and not server-wide.

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