Login via Github (and possibly OpenID)

I setup few weeks ago my instance and I’m quite happy with it. Yet, for now, it feels lonely so I’m wondering how to facilitate participation #6 - Verify if adding issues on this Gitea instance is easy for others - text-code-xr-engine - Gitea: Git with a cup of tea

When I use try.gitea.io I see both Login via Github and OpenID which looks like exactly what I need.

Unfortunately I searched in the documentation and this forum but somehow couldn’t figure out if it was a simple configuration variable, a plugin or something else.

Any pointer appreciated and thanks to all for the amazing work!

If anybody get stuck :

  1. logging as admin
  2. go to admin/auths
  3. add an aouth2 type one
  4. use a simple name as it’s used in the callback URL
  5. select Github as provider
  6. fill the required fields, notice the documentation at the bottom
  7. test, voila!
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