LDAP (via BindDN) - mapping LDAP groups to teams with nested Active Directory groups

Hello everyone!

I sucessfully configured LDAP via BindDN with our Active Directory, users get synchronized.
The Admin Filter is filtering for users in a nested Group, it looks like this:

Now i am trying to map LDAP Groups to Organization teams.
The Problem is that i also need to use nested groups.

I am trying something like this:

  "CN=Gitea-Team1,OU=Gitea-Groups,OU=IT,DC=example,DC=com": {
    "Team1": [
	"Team2": [
	"Team3": [

The LDAP Object CN=Gitea-Team1 contains “Team1A”, “Team1B”, “Team1C”.

I also tried to do the same i did with the Admin Filter and edited the LDAP Group reference in the json string to
but i guess that cant be processed in json?

Is there any way to solve this?
Do i need to change the “User Attribute Listed in Group” or “Group Attribute Containing List of Users”?

Thanks in advance.