Issue with Heatmap in IE11

Heatmap on Dashboard is not working anymore in IE11. Stuck on Loading Heatmap … Also in this moment it is not possible to switch dashboard context from user to orgranization.


Please upgrade your browser.

@kaustas which version of Gitea are you using? Can you view heatmaps on ? Are there any JS errors in the browser logs that you can see?

@anon74399538 IE11 is a browser that Gitea aims to provide support for. As well not everyone is able to upgrade, for example I regularly have to use a computer that has IE11 (however in my personal life I try to avoid it as much as possible)

That’s fair. And or makes sense given some of the market interested in Gitea. IIRC IE11 EOL so support might also entail covering security vulnerabilities due to, for example, lack of ES2015 arrow functions leading to hoisting. Hopefully Vue covers some of that stuff but even so I doubt the ends there is worth the means to support outdated browsers companies should be upgrading anyway.

Issue was noticed while update on v1.6.0+rc1-147-g06ef5b68d from v1.6.0+rc1-97-g0cb35dd79. Built from source. Checked last version of build (1.6.1) - all the same. also:

Browser log:
SCRIPT438: The object does not support the property or the “from” method

IE version - 11.471.17134.0