Is it possible to provide an "single user" mode

I want to setup my own repo server, which is

  • don’t allow other people to register
  • use repo url https://my-domain/my-repo instead of https://my-domain/user-name/my-repo

Is it possible to do that?

Actually, I’m not sure about the requirements related to the repo url:

While I run my Gitea instance at the root of a dedicated subdomain, based on what I see in my settings, I expect the following should work.

Set the desired public URL your web server reverse proxy configuration and use the matching public base URL in the Gitea app.ini as the ROOT_URL value.

Whatever you do, don’t use HTTP on port 80 like the Gitea reverse proxy examples show. Use HTTPS on port 443.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to consult your web server’s documentation to get familiar with how it handles reverse proxies.

The purpose is publish my own Go Module as a simple url, like my-domain/my-module. There are a lot of shot module names, e.g. in k8s project dependencies, you will see

I also want publish like this as my module, but not my-domain/user-name/my-module, this is a too long name and unnecessary.