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Mon Sep 7, 2020 by techknowlogick

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How much memory does this require to run? I did some work setting up continuous delivery with K3s and Rio using GitFlub and would love to see something like that with a Gitea front-end.

Minimal, Gitea can be run on a raspberrypi easily. The default database is setup by using a helm chart from bitnami which doesn’t support arm (as of the date of this comment), and so you’ll likely need to setup a database yourself on your k3s cluster. Also note, Gitea builds for arm64 (and amd64) so you’ll need to ensure your rpi is a 64-bit version.

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Use with MetalLB. I saw on the Helm chart docs SSH access requires something like MetalLB due to the role of an Ingress. MetalLB’s website says many cloud hosting companies do not support MetalLB—but that Vultr and Hetzner do. Beyond setting my cluster up on one of those services, how can I use the Annotation provided for MetalLB to run Gitea in K8s on, say, Vultr?

Please ignore my last question Re: MetalLB. I got the Helm chart working without it. :firecracker:

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