Incremental backup of gitea

I am trying to do a daily backup of gitea. But the problem is that i have to backup the whole gitea everyday which is waste of storage.

Is there a possible way to progressively track and update the backup.

Thanks in advance.

I use a program called rdiff-backup to back up the gitea user’s home directory. It stores incremental backups so only the changes between backups need to be stored, and you can choose to have a time limit on changes etc.

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What about using git itself to save the increments of the repos and additionally copy hooks & database

Another option is to run Borg Backup on a scheduler and dump the data in a cheap S3 bucket like:

I wanted to recommend the same. :frowning_face:

BorgBackup is king. Once you go Borg, you never go back. There is no better Backup solution.

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