I want to trigger Webhooks only if specific folders have been edited


It’s all in the title. I have several folders each containing a Docker compose project. Each folder corresponds to a Docker Stack in Portainer, that redeploys automatically when a Gitea triggers its Webhook. So I have multiple Webhooks on my repository. I want that each webhook is triggered only when a specific folder have been edited via a commit. If said folder received no modification, the webhook shouldn’t be triggered when there is a new commit.

Is that possible ?

Thanks in advance for any answer and have a great day.

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So any update about this ?

It would be great if we could specify file or folder to watch… Or even better: create out own webhook type, this way we could define out own filters to watch for (modify, create, delete file or directory).

As more and more DevOps apps/services allow to pull/push data from git repos adding this kind of filer would make our life easier. I know that i can create Organization (ex.: call it HomeLab) and there create a repo for each Docker container and add there webhooks. But… I like to have that in one place (repo)

You can use CI/CD to do that.