HTTPS support in SNAP

I have install Gitea from snap-package on Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS and can’t setting up instance for using with https. What changes do I need to make to the app.ini file so that it works using a secure connection with Let’s Encrypt certificate. For some reasons I can’t use reverse-proxy.

The Gitea documentation has all the required information pertaining to HTTPS usage with the built-in server.

Sorry. It is unclear from the documentation when and how the process of issuing the Let’s Encrypt certificate is started. After changing the settings in app.ini, I restart the snap container with gitea and do not understand what is happening with the container.

I don’t see anything in the documentation that suggests Gitea will acquire Let’s Encrypt certificates. I’m pretty sure you would need to get the certificates on your own with an ACME client.

I cannot advise on where to put the PKI files so that your snap app can read them. Maybe someone who has will join this topic to share how they did it. While awaiting such a reply here, it may be worth posting at Snapcraft Forum and Let’s Encrypt community to see if anyone there has done something similar.

I have used up the number of attempts to issue the certificate. I will return to the experiments in a day. According to the logs, it is obvious that gitea is trying to release it on its own.

Interesting. While testing, it is best to use the Let’s Encrypt staging environment. It looks like the ACME_URL parameter in the app.ini can be used to control that.

The Config Cheat Sheet has a lot of relevant configuration variables that apply to your use case.