How to uninstal gitea?

I want to uninstall gitea and use it like a regular remote repository over ssh. I found gitea adds server-side hooks to the repositories. Is there a script to cleanly remove all of them?

Are there any other data I need to care about?

Is there an uninstall script I can use?

Thanks in advance.

I found the gitea performance too slow for large repositories and more importantly creates unacceptable load on the server (consumes all cores ~800% cpu on high end Xeon server!). I have seen it with the older and new version. As such I have decided to uninstall gitea and use git repositories over ssh (refresingly fast and consumes minimal resources). The server as it stands today can be trivially subjected to denial-of-service attack.

My suggestion is to change the architecture to use actual ssh users in a containerized server like lxd. While it will increase complexity, it will remove the performance bottleneck of having to route git access through gitea. Creating/Managing actual (linux) users with limited rights is not that complex (done it before), you will need sudo permission.