How to move Gitea from outside to inside a container -- what paths do I need to change, and where?

I am running Gitea (master) on a Linux server with PostgreSQL as database backend, and it’s been working great. Now I’d like to move it inside a Docker container.

However, I am not sure I can just switch and change the paths in app.ini. I see, for example, that gitea uses hooks in the git repositories, and those hooks have hardcoded paths – for example, in my installation, hooks/update.d/gitea contains:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
"/home/gitea/go/src/" hook --config='/home/gitea/go/src/' update $1 $2 $3

Are the {pre-uptate.d,pre-receive.d,post-receive.d} hooks the only thing I’d have to change (that is easy, a sed script does that, no hassles), besides app.ini? Are paths stored in the database?

I’d like to be sure, so I won’t find broken stuff later, after the repositories are migrated and lots of additional work has been commited.

Thank you!