How to make 'Code' tab available to certain users only?


I have set up a Gitea instance for my company which I would like to use to host the source code of the app I am developing and to manage issues entered from users of that app.

However, most of these users should not have access to the source code, only a few should have. Just in case I am not available for whatever reason.

The server requires users to sign in (REQUIRE_SIGNIN_VIEW = true) and user accounts are created automatically when they login via OpenID Connect.

What I would like to have for these new users is that they cannot access the “Code” tab. Only when granted explicit access, the user should be permitted to access the code.

I have already experimented with the “Team” feature and created a team without the code permission … but how to I automatically put new users into that team?

Is there any way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!