How to add existing repository to gitea from filesystem?

I have some bare git repository on my filesystem where users do pull/push. I install gitea and can’t find how to add it to gitea.
Other git-management systems have something like “add repository from filesystem”, “scan directory”, etc. which added existing repo to system.
How to add it in gitea?

You can adopt them from Gitea admin panel repositories management UI.

Ho to do that?
I have following path:

Repository Root Path


And there are a lot of repositorys.
I go to admin panel → Unadopted Repositories, push search buttol and it doesn’t find any repos:

What I do wrong and what I should to do?

Copy all your repositories needed to be imported into Gitea’s repository root directory according Gitea’s directory rule. <owner_name>/<repo_name> and please keep all case lower. And then try it in admin panel again.

There are a lot of issues:

  1. gitea hint says that <owner_name> should be emty if I want to search all repositories - it doesn’t works. It should be set up in any case

  2. When I do as you say - gitea still can’t find the repo. I found that it should be renamed as <repo_name.git> - in this case gitea can find it.

  3. But when I do as I wote above - it can’t be converted :frowning: I press “Adopt files” then “yes” and nothing happens.

What should I do to solve this trouble?

I’ve tried this, added a folder test.git and initiated a git repository, but gitea can not find the repository and so no adoption.

Ah, <owner_name> is a real user, not a organization.
Then the adoptions works