How should I handle with submodules in Gitea?

Hello there,

I am new working with git and I set up Gitea in my own server.

My team and I work with a several projects with a similar structure, but inside the same project, we have different fields and we would like that each field had it’s own git repo nested to the parent repo. It seems that the correct way to do this is using git submodules, but I’m not sure.

I’ve read a little about submodule and I realized that it points to an existing repo, so taking the following structure as instance:

PARENT_REPO(Awesome Service)
|_CHILD1_REPO (Application developed in C)
|_CHILD2_REPO (Application developed in HTML5)

I have to create PARENT_REPO, CHILD1_REPO, CHILD2_REPO, and then from PARENT_REPO add submodules CHILD1_REPO and CHILD2_REPO. Also, all my repos will be stored at %(SOME_DIR)/gitea-repositories/ORGANIZATION_NAME/. So in my organization directory I would have all the repos from the structure above as if they were the same hierarchical level when they actually are not (maybe this structure is common and I think this way just because I don’t have much experience with git ).

Is there any shortcut that could help me to make this process faster on Gitea? That is, I would like that always I create a PARENT_REPO via web interface, it creates CHILDREN_REPOS and runs the add command for these submodules to parent with appropriate labels.

No, the process you are asking for is not the responsibility of the repository hosting system (whether that is Gitea, GitLab, GitHub, or anything else). If you need to do this regularly, you may need to script it using the Gitea API.