How can I get the commit id details including branch and tag?

Dear Gitea community,

I am trying to get the details of a commit id using the REST API,

curl -k -H "Authorization: token __REDACTED__" "https://api-gw-service-nmn.local/vcs/api/v1/repos/cray/cos-config-management/commits/56574bf6db06aa7d7b23b2450ba3694afe304b8b/status" | jq

The command above will return

  "state": "",
  "sha": "",
  "total_count": 0,
  "statuses": null,
  "repository": null,
  "commit_url": "",
  "url": ""

The commit id exits in the repo because the command below returns data related to CSM

curl -k -H "Authorization: token __REDACTED__" "https://api-gw-service-nmn.local/vcs/api/v1/repos/cray/admin-scripts/git/commits/56574bf6db06aa7d7b23b2450ba3694afe304b8b" | jq

How can I get the branch name, author, tag, etc from a commit id?