High Tea: Gitea with Traefik

Traefik - A reverse proxy / load balancer that’s easy, dynamic, automatic, fast, full-featured, open source, production proven, provides metrics, and integrates with every major cluster technologies…

High Tea - Self-hosted git server using Docker, Gitea, Postgres and Traefik for:

  • Simple, consistent and deterministic way to create Gitea.
  • Extremely flexible, powerful and self-configuring solution.
  • Automatic, production-ready SSL certificates that auto-renew.

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Just a quick update on High Tea (link above) for those interested. I’ve had over a month of uninterrupted and performant experience with Gitea following my last upgrade using a $5 Vultr box running Debian with Docker and Compose self-installed.

Including status code counts from Gitea reported by Traefik over the last month:

Another update on High Tea with Gitea (source linked above). This will be my last general update on stability. So far Gitea 1.5 has been running incredibly well for 30+ users and 40 or so repositories:

Server Uptime: 2 months, 1 week, 1 day, 22 hours, 24 minutes, 37 seconds
Current Goroutines: 45
Current Memory Usage: 42MB
Total Memory Allocated: 1.8TB
Memory Obtained: 607MB


Massive props to the Gitea team and those who came before for building such a stable product and suitable alternative to GitHub for those of us who want to take back control of our source code.

In the spirit of transparency I’d like to share my first hiccup with High Tea. When attempting to run my 5th Gitea backup today I found out my 25GB Vultr VPS was out of disk space. As a result, I’ve added information on how to reclaim disk space with Docker for the benefit of others here:

Additionally, here are some other resources I’ve written here which those using this Gitea with Docker will find useful as they begin self-hosting:

Here are the sizes of my back-ups, which I’m simply going to offload to another server as they’re unnecessary on the gitea production vps I use to run git.habd.as:

-rw------- 1 user docker 252M Jul 16 07:22 gitea-dump-1531725738.zip
-rw------- 1 user docker 1.2G Sep 24 08:41 gitea-dump-1537778440.zip
-rw------- 1 user docker 2.6G Oct 12 08:19 gitea-dump-1539332248.zip
-rw------- 1 user docker 2.8G Oct 17 12:02 gitea-dump-1539777559.zip

Total repository count is 56 at current, many of which are mirrors of kewl security software I found on GH.

6 months of uptime and the $5 debian vps used to run Gitea with Traefik continues to chug along.

The Gitea database holds 49 users, 2 organizations, 2 public keys, 95 repositories, 97 watches, 7 stars, 10269 actions, 51 accesses, 196 issues, 696 comments, 0 social accounts, 2 follows, 65 mirrors, 3713 releases, 1 authentication sources, 0 webhooks, 7 milestones, 67 labels, 0 hook tasks, 2 teams, 0 update tasks, 72 attachments.