Health Check should check if CSS is accessible

This is a very basic health check. I wonder, if it would be fine to add a health check, which checks whether CSS files are accessible.

In my case, there is an external problem causing CSS files to become occasionally unavailable. At this moment, there is no reasonable way of fixing the issue. The workaround I am applying is manually restarting the Pod in question. It would be much easier, if it would just restart on its own.

Though, I think it would be generally a good idea, if CSS availability would be checked, because if CSS cannot load, then the website is broken, but the health checks all return 200s, because a simple HTML is successfully returned…

It is possible to artificially call the CSS path manually, however, I did not find a way to make it persist across versions. The current path for my installation is /assets/css/index.css?v=1.17.2. Is there a path that does not require a version to be provided, because it correctly auto-redirects?