Gitea with Visual Studio


I have noticed that Gitea is on various NAS and would like use it when I purchase my NAS.

Does Gitea work like Github Server?

Where I can download the respiratory and then commit back onto the repository?

Visual studio supports all git standard services include Gitea.

I was not aware, this is interesting. Which NAS has Gitea?

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I will give it ago

The NAS is AS6604T

It has an app download page, with Gitea.

Some other NAS have Gitea via Docker, but i think for this AS it works natively

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Right, it’s here, packaged by for this NAS:


Are you using this NAS?

Is there an good user examples to get started?

I’m not, I’m just generally curious about the contexts in which Gitea is re-used, re-distributed.

if you can make a docker-image of something, you can easily stack it as a click-install with anything (eg: cloudron, yunohost, etc…) as long as they publish the code and GPL license, they’re not breaking any distribution agreement… pretty much is within the distribution rights of any opensource codebase with GPL.
GPL => you can redistribute even with changing the codebase – this goes with docker images.

…I don’t think the gitea team (as a user here), would want to see a swarm of users complaining about unofficial docker builds… There’s a lot of newbs who think that anything “docker” means all docker images are the same for any front-end application or NAS which is quite a large misunderstanding and incorrect.