Gitea Telemetry Support

Hi Team,

The gitea documentation says telemetry is not supported (Compared to other Git hosting | Gitea Documentation) .

But I could see options to enable metrics for Prometheus (Config Cheat Sheet | Gitea Documentation)

Considering metrics feature is available , is there any reason for mentioning that Telemetry is not supported.

Somanath Thilak

Telemetry != metrics

Telemetry = there is explicit code for end users to track how they use a site, can even be used to identify the user if wanted

Metrics = Current status of an application is being captured, there is no chance or only an almost non-existent chance of identifying which user a request belongs to.
For example, Gitea and thus the metrics only know at best that there was a request at this time to this URL, but they don’t know who called it, or what else they have already done